Specialty Mental Health Services

Alpha Connection Youth & Family Services (ACYFS) Specialty Mental Health Services is part of the San Bernardino County Mental Health Plan, and is programmatically part of Children’s Residential Intensive Services (ChRIS). ACYFS is certified to provide Specialized Mental Health Services to beneficiaries who are referred to the ACYFS Short Term Residential Therapeutic Program by various counties within the State of California’s Departments of Children and Family Services or The Department of Probation.

ACYFS adheres to the values and guiding principles of the Basic Practice Model in all service delivery activities, from admission to discharge. Services and interventions are provided through a multi-ageing and collaborative approach that includes important community-based support. A collaborative approach enables the development of a holistic perspective, and promotes networking on behalf of young people, with a diverse set of formal and informal supports. A collaborative approach is essential and promotes inclusive thinking and problem solving. Family-centered services emphasize working with family unit to strengthen family capacity and promote optimal and healthy family functioning. Within a family-centered service delivery system, parents/families’ voice, choice and preference are secured throughout the process.

Parents and families will always be leading members of the collaborative team. The program will offer a true partnership between parents and families, based on shared beliefs and commitment to a collaborative process.