The residents will receive traditional direct psychiatric services, i.e., individual, group and family therapy. These services will be provided by licensed professions representative of the following disciplines; psychiatry, social work, rehabilitation, and psychology. The services will be administered weekly and evaluation is ongoing by the interdisciplinary team.

In order to increase the probability that residents will successfully adjust and maintain psychiatric stability, adjunctive process must supplement traditional treatment methods. Training is necessary to ensure the development of an appropriate repertoire of adaptive skills to foster successful independent living. Inherent in this approach is the concept of self-regulation: that is, residents can demonstrate an ability to regulate their own behavioral controls. The teaching of problem-solving skills is essential in this process. Once residents can gain the skills to independently manage the problems of daily living, they can generalize these skills to novel situations that may arise. In this vein, residents will learn to build on small successes, moving toward a more independent living style, increasing feelings of self-efficacy, and improving self-esteem. The ACYFS program calibrates its treatment milieu to the individual needs, developmental level and age appropriateness of each resident.