Juvenile Sex Offender

The Juvenile Sex Offender Program is a secure program that provides intensive treatment for moderate to high risk juvenile sex offenders. Multi-modal treatment components provide the therapeutic framework for youths to gain control over abusive sexual behaviors and to facilitate pro-social interaction in the community. This program is taught by Mark Daniels, LCSW, and Dr. Maurizio Assandri, Certified Mental Health Professional (Program Psychologist). Both individuals have particularized training in JSO Therapy.

This program provides intensive treatment services, structure, and security which assist in the individual’s safe integration and gradual transition into varied community-based settings upon completion of the program. Specialized treatment modules address:

  • Sexual aggression
  • Empathy development
  • Healthy relationships
  • Relapse prevention

ACYFS has a comprehensive curriculum to address the complex and multi-layered issues associated with sexually abusive/non-consensual sexual behavior. We have come to understand that sexually abusive behavior in children is linked to many factors, including exposure to sexuality and/or violence, early childhood experiences of victimization, and exposure to traumatic environments that may include family violence, substance use and indiscriminate boundaries from adults.