Shoes for Soldiers Project

Our mission is to provide shoes for the homeless or disenfranchised USA Military Veterans, free of charge, in our local communities. The goal is to partner with local non-profit organizations and philanthropists who share our aspirations in a bid to give back to War Veterans who served their Nation.

Often, US Veterans are neglected by the government as they get cut off essential supplies and support once they return home from the War and leave the force. Veterans have always faced a myriad of problems ranging from homelessness to lack of health coverage and mental health issues they continue to grapple from the torment brought about by the wars they fight in. 

In a recent study on homelessness experienced by US Military Veterans, it was discovered that approximately 38000 of them were homeless and another 1.5 million were at risk of being homeless. The reasons behind these high statistics were the lack of support from critical stakeholders including the government, poverty, and dismal living conditions in overcrowded or substandard housing.

Providing shoes to homeless veterans will assist in keeping them comfortable and promoting safe mobility. The environment in which homeless veterans live can be described as unideal for the normal human being and shoes provide comfort and protection from the harsh conditions in these kinds of environments. In addition, shoes keep the veterans away from ailments relating to foot health such as gangrene, open sores that can become infected, and frostbite. Shoes also provide a sense of confidence and elevated self-esteem among the homeless in addition to improving their qualities of life. It may not be much to an ordinary human being, but shoes to a homeless vet goes a long way in making their lives much better.

This Program will target all US Military veterans within the local community. To be eligible, the individual has to have actively served in any branch of the US Military and must demonstrate need of shoes. First priority will be given to vets who have no shoes at all and then those who are in bad conditions in terms of bad foot health as a result of lack of shoes or shoes that are unfit for the environment.

This Program will create a difference in US Military Veterans, one step at a time. Contribute today to be part of this great change.

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