Cinco De Mayo: Fun, Food and Fiesta

You might hear about Cinco de Mayo parties. But even though celebrations of Cinco de Mayo (which translates to the Fifth of May) originated in Mexico, the day is more popular in the United States!

We at Alpha Connection Youth & Family Services, being a Culturally Diverse Organization educate and celebrate this day of importance.

On Cinco de Mayo, we remember the Battle of Puebla, fought on May 5, 1862. On that day, Mexicans won an important battle against the French army, which was invading Mexico.

France had a long history of interfering in Mexico's affairs, dating back to the famous Pastry War of 1838. In 1862, Mexico was having big problems and owed money to other countries, mainly France. France invaded Mexico to try and get their money.

This battle is famous because the Mexicans overcame tremendous odds and won!  The French Army outnumbered the Mexican Army Significantly. The French had more advanced weapons and were better trained. The French had already beaten the Mexican Army a few times as they made their way to the city of Puebla, from which they planned to go to Mexico City. No one thought the Mexican Army was going to win the battle…except maybe the Mexicans!

So today we join in unison with our Mexican brothers and Sisters and celebrate with Food, Fun, and fiesta The outstanding victory of the Mexican people at the Battle of Puebla.

– Barron Wilson, CEO