Barron Wilson

Barron Wilson is a leading Children’s Trauma Specialist in the State of California. With 30 years experience in residential treatment for children
30 Years
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Barron Wilson

Barron has been the Chief Executive Office of Alpha Connection Youth & Family Services for 22 years. He is a certified Youth Fire-setter Prevention Specialist and and a Drug and Alcohol Intervention Specialists credentialed by Stanford University Medical Center. Barron attended St Mary’s College of California.

Barron Wilson’s work in the Foster Care arena has garnered commendations and awards from the United States Congress, State of California Assembly and Senate and many other distinguished organizations. His Assistance with children in crisis has helped them navigate societal issues and past trauma to become mentally health children.

  • Barron Wilson holds graduate certificates from Villanova University , Stanford University and Notre Dame University.
  • Barron is Commissioner Emeritus of The San Bernardino County Children’s and Family Commission know as Fist 5 he served as Commissioner from 2002 to 2006.
  • Barron has two sons Christian Wilson, 28 a graduate of Fresno State University and Cameron Wilson 21 a Senior at Missouri State University.
  • Barron is avid reader and Sports Enthusiast. A Former High School Baseball Coach Barron won a CIF State Championship in 2015 in which he also won Coach of the year by The California Coaches Association, The Cross Valley League and the California Interscholastic Federation.

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